CoreCloud® toll-free services

These terms for the CoreCloud® Toll Free Services are expressly incorporated into the Master Services Agreement entered into by IntelePeer and Customer (the “Agreement”).

1. Service Description. IntelePeer will provide origination of voice traffic for toll free calls within the United States and Canada with termination to the Customer (“CoreCloud® Toll Free Service”). The CoreCloud® Toll Free Service does not include any functionality or features of 911 or Emergency Service. To obtain Emergency Service from IntelePeer, Customer must adopt a separate service Attachment.

2. Rates.

2.1 IntelePeer will calculate all minute-of-use based Rates on the number of seconds from when an answer supervision signal is recorded to when a disconnect signal occurs, and will bill in six (6) second minimums with six (6) second increments. 2.2 Additional Surcharges.

2.2.1 If 10% or more of the Customer’s calls are not able to be completed, IntelePeer may impose a surcharge of $0.05 per call. 2.2.2 If 10% or more of the Customer’s calls are equal to or less than six (6) seconds, IntelePeer may impose a surcharge of $0.01 per call.

2.3 IntelePeer will provide the Rates for CoreCloud® Toll Free Service as outlined in the Rates at, or on any subsequent Rate Notification.

3. Fair Usage Policy for CoreCloud® Toll Free Services.

3.1 IntelePeer provides CoreCloud® Toll Free Services under this Agreement conditioned upon compliance at all times with the Fair Usage Policy set forth in this Section, which is designed to prevent fraud and abuse of its Services.

3.2 The CoreCloud® Toll Free Services are intended to be used for general purpose enterprise usage (which may include conferencing or enterprise contact center usage). IntelePeer strictly prohibits any use of the CoreCloud® Toll Free Services inconsistent with the purpose, including without limitation that traffic patterns fail to conform to a natural distribution across RBOC, ILEC, CLEC and wireless origination points (collectively “Prohibited Uses”).

3.3 IntelePeer will monitor usage patterns and notify Customer of any usage that appears to be Prohibited Use(s), and reserves the right to take any unusual activity into account in making its determination. If Customer does not correct the Prohibited Use by the end of the billing cycle following the notification by IntelePeer, or if Prohibited Uses appear in any subsequent billing cycles, IntelePeer reserves the right, in its sole discretion and without any additional notice, to adjust the amounts invoiced to Customer for any affected billing cycles to reflect the appropriate pricing for such Prohibited Uses or terminate the Agreement.