Atmosphere vaccine distribution

Our solution makes it easy for pharmacies, governments, health care providers, and more to streamline processes.

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Vaccine arrival!

Thanks to the efforts of leading national and international scientists, COVID-19 vaccines have officially arrived. The next step is to get as many people vaccinated as quickly and safely as possible. Many health departments, pharmacies, grocery stores, and other healthcare providers have experienced scheduling and communicating availability issues. We create our vaccine distribution solution to address these issues right at the source- through quality, reliable communications.

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Pre-qualification survey and routing

Set up a prequalification survey with intelligent routing that reduces caller frustration and allows you to book more appointments. You can also set up translation to help patients of different languages.

Scheduled reminders and confirmations

Millions of people are trying to schedule vaccine appointments ASAP. With Atmosphere, callers can request a callback or SMS to let them know they are eligible to be vaccinated. You can also set up an FAQ to answer basic questions or transfer them to an agent when needed.

Scalable solutions

Our solution is scalable and can handle large amounts of traffic coming in at once. We’ve done it already with 100,000 simultaneous calls serviced in our first vaccine deployment. As new groups become eligible, vaccination sites open, and more vaccines get distributed, Atmosphere can be updated in seconds to react to ever-evolving situations.

Demo our solution

With the flexibility and scalability of our Atmosphere platform, we easily streamline vaccine distribution processes. Check out our solution firsthand through a demo. Give us a call at 855-46COV19 (855-462-6819) to try it out.

Built for the enterprise


With embedded AI, a drag and drop flow builder, and pre-built templates, Atmosphere provides immediate enhancements to the customer experience.

Atmosphere CPaaS has direct integrations and APIs to fit seamlessly within your existing infrastructure.

Our Managed Solutions team can become an extension of your team to help you gain expertise, accelerate implementation, and see results more quickly.