Enrich your digital customer experience

IntelePeer for financial services deliver omnichannel automation, self-service, and AI capabilities to help firms digitally transform faster.

IntelePeer® | CPaaS Provider & Omni-Channel Customer Interaction

Automation and AI: Streamline business processes, deliver faster service

Accelerate completion of manual and time-consuming tasks with intelligent automation.

Self-service: Accelerate your customers’ problem resolution

Reduce strain on agents and empower customers to quickly solve their needs.

Omnichannel: Deliver a connected experience across channels

Contextually communicate with customers through text, phone, online chat, and social media.

Maximize customer satisfaction and loyalty

Meet customer expectations with a seamless digital experience.

Omni-Channel Financial Services Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®
Manage Transactions

Enable customers to check their account status, update preferences, check deposit statuses, complete payments, and more.

data protection concept, cyber security, secured access with password for financial services
Protect against fraud

Help prevent identity theft with fraud prevention and alerts. Provide security and identity management with two-factor authentication, data encryption, and inbound spam filtering.

Faster payment management

Offer customers the option to make payments over the phone. Send payment reminders, status updates, confirmations, and late notices.

Why choose IntelePeer for financial services

  • Proven expertise in serving banks, advisory firms, mortgage companies, and more
  • Enterprise-grade security and reliability
  • Operational saving
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Accelerated time to value

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