Increase sales and retain customers with SmartEngage

Modernize outbound customer service for automation

IntelePeer’s outbound Communications Automation Platform for contact centers is helping businesses to boost ROI of outbound calls, SMS, chat, and other forms of communication to customers — improving agent productivity with an over-the-top approach. Businesses can now modernize their customer experience with the latest capabilities, while continuing to invest into their current infrastructure. For quicker implementation and a faster ROI, businesses have the power to drastically improve telemarketing, sales, customer surveys, debt collection, and customer retention.

Why SmartEngage? Get these benefits and more:

Increased sales

– Proactive outreach to customers
– Targeted demographics or market segments

Cost savings

– Personalized outreach strategies
– Better results at a lower cost

Higher customer retention

– Issue identification and resolution
– Better customer satisfaction and loyalty
– Increased repeat business and referrals

Better efficiencies

– Personalized interactions and recommendations based on customer behavior
– More customer trust and loyalty and higher chances of successful sales
– Automation of routine calls and handling of routine customer calls

Flexibility and scalability

– Quickly scale depending on business needs
– Flexible and adaptable solution for any size business
– Increase pool of agent talent with remote work

Improve data collection and analysis

– Optimized data and insights into customer behavior and preferences
– Identification of patterns and trends to optimize performance

SmartEngage takes automation to the next level for outbound interactions by offering simplified GOLD and PLATINUM (coming soon) bundles backed by the full power of SmartFlows automation.

This provides businesses with higher spend predictability based on the bulk quantity of outbound contact interactions, creating a clear path to growth by automation with a faster return on investment.

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SmartEngage GOLDSmartEngage PLATINUM
Basic automation
Engage Insights*XX
Voicemail detectionXX
Local caller ID per campaignXX
List managementXX
Campaign schedulerXX
Automated retryXX
Outbound text-to-speechXX
Speech recognition for Voice campaigns with IVRXX
Text messaging with opt-out (Marketplace app)*XX
Voice opt-out management*XX
Advanced automation
Dynamic campaign rate controls*XX
Engage Insights (user-defined)*X
Advanced integrationsX
Reputation Management ProAdd-onAdd-on

* Roadmap features