Marketplace: Business continuity planning app

Protect your business from the unexpected

When the unexpected happens, customers can now protect their business communications from interruption and ensure continuity for essential business operations. IntelePeer’s no-code Business Continuity Planning (BCP) application is a turn-key, trusted digital interaction suite that insulates business communications from disaster and ensures call strategy continuity and awareness regardless of business hours.

Power outages, staff fluctuations and network interruptions are, unfortunately, more commonplace today, but they don’t have to be damaging to a business when technology like BCP is available. When disruptions occur, IntelePeer’s BCP application implements a proactive call strategy to ensure reliable delivery of communications with pre-built flows for alternative routing.

  • No development needed to set up and deploy
  • Tracks and protects customer communication solutions – from failure to interruption
  • Ensures continuation of calls and delivery when the unexpected happens
  • Monitors and attempts to transfer all calls to the customer’s primary number
  • Automatically logs call errors if numbers are unavailable
  • Immediate notification of error to customer’s IT department
  • Transfers undelivered calls to a failover number base

Businesses of all sizes are challenged with providing better customer service at every stage and every level and we recognize the importance of providing a consistent and satisfying experience.

100% call handling and notification utilizing a reliable network and platform under any circumstance

99.999% uptime powered by our cloud-based CPaaS technology and SIP networks

99% average customer retention rate with exceptional, award-winning customer service

Don’t let disruption keep you down

Backed by IntelePeer’s reliable voice network and powerful communication platform, BCP is ideal for any size customer and not exclusive to industries such as utilities, banking, education, healthcare and professional services. BCP is a customer-driven plan for proactive notifications when unexpected power outages, surges in traffic exceed capacity, security breaches, and emergencies like COVID-19 impact company operations. By adding tertiary failover to an existing network, the BCP application provides businesses and teams peace of mind knowing that our powerful network has got their back when electricity goes out, email becomes inaccessible or any unpredictable disruption hits the company.

Leverage the expertise of our Managed Services team to build, deploy, and support your communications

IntelePeer’s Managed Services is available for customers looking for additional BCP support. Personalized implementation is offered to help users expand solutions like Business Continuity Planning on their behalf. Consisting of IntelePeer’s award-winning customer consulting and implementation teams, Managed Services helps get businesses up and running quickly. With IntelePeer doing the heavy lifting, customers don’t need to tap into their internal resources to utilize the BCP platform. Bundled, subscription-based and usage-based pricing is also available so businesses can predict monthly costs and avoid exorbitant fees for using BCP when it’s needed most.

About Marketplace

Marketplace is a suite of pre-built and plug-and-play applications that help our customers simplify time-consuming and costly application development for common business workflow needs. All Marketplace applications are purpose-built to solve specific customer problems, are enterprise-grade, and always backed by IntelePeer’s reliable and secure platform. IntelePeer will continue to add new Marketplace no-code applications in the coming months focused on meeting critical market needs

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