Automate your contact center capabilities with SmartAgent

A digital solution built for contact centers

SmartAgent automates simple, moderate, and sophisticated end user and agent interactions

SmartAgent takes automation to the next level by offering simplified pricing with advanced feature sets, such as AI, analytics, and omnichannel orchestration, with voice calling included. Fair usage applies.

SmartAgent seat SILVERSmartAgent seat GOLDSmartAgent seat PLATINUM
Basic automation
Inbound API triggerXXX
Standard automation
Insights (user-defined)XX
ASR (rule-based directed speech)XX
Social messaging 1XX
Call recordingXX
Integrations (through inbound APIs) XX
Advanced automation
Advanced integrationsX
Conversational AI (NLP bot build)X
Call transcriptionX
List managementX

1 Feature coming soon

Voice calling included. Fair usage applies.
Add-ons: Reputation Management, Inbound Spam Template, Smart Queuing
Not included (must buy ala’carte): Number Rentals (TF,DID) and Off-Shore & International

SmartAgent definitions


Play speech directly from ASCII text by converting text to synthesized speech.

Inbound API trigger

Kick off a SmartFlow with an API trigger.

Call recording

Automatically record calls, save in the cloud, and download MP3 files.

Spam filter

Automatically identify spam and prevent it from reaching end-users.


Gain visibility into omnichannel customer interactions with actionable pre-built templated analytics and reports.


Generate Dual Tone Multi-Frequency tone-based Interactive Voice Response (IVR) when keypad numbers are pressed. Example: “Press 1 for English” routes calls with menu tree to a specific agent.

ASR (rule-based directed speech)

Advanced speech recognition ensures particular words, phrases, numbers, and currency amounts are interpreted and assigned meaning.

Conversational AI (NLP BOT built by Managed Services)

Automate processes and enhance the customer experience by implementing AI to translate and respond to voice communications. Customize with support of Managed Services.

Social media

Send and receive chat messages from social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook.

Insights* (user-defined)

Customize analytics and reporting to meet specific customer needs through self-service building options.

List management

Upload and manage a list in the cloud; build rules to make bulk updates via lists.


Program SmartFlows to use APIs from external systems through custom webservice API calls (JSON based).

Advanced integrations

Take advantage of advanced templated integrations to rapidly connect to back end CRM’s such as Salesforce.

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