SmartCommunicator | IntelePeer

Create multichannel communication automation workflows from MS Teams.

Value-add to your tech stack

• OTT orchestration built into your MS Teams instance
• Smart Analytics for inbound calls

Key communication integration

Includes Voice, SMS and MMS

Enhance your customer experience

• Route skill-based calls
• Smart Queuing
• Build SmartFlows to transfer calls
• Engage our Managed Solutions team to drive productivity

Add additional value to the MS Teams experience

Directly connect with voice, SMS or MMS from MS Teams.

You can now create an automated omnichannel communication experience within MS Teams. No matter your preferred communication method, SmartCommunicator delivers a seamless, automated experience boosting your ability to stay focused on your customers.

Enjoy an enhanced Customer Experience

Combine the IntelePeer API platform with MS Teams

Get the best of what IntelePeer offers by combining the IntelePeer Communication Automation Platform with MS Teams. Experience the ability to route and transfer calls with our award-winning solutions.

Why choose IntelePeer’s SmartCommunicator?

  • Enhanced MS Teams customer experience
  • Excellent service and reliability
  • Integration and automation for your business with award winning solutions
  • Our Managed Solutions team is available for white glove service and support

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