Messaging for Webex Setup

Using Atmosphere Messaging for Webex Teams

Atmosphere Messaging for Webex Teams enables you to use Webex Teams to send and receive SMS messages over your Webex Teams phone numbers:

  • Call and Text with your business phone number
  • Use the same messaging interface you use every day with Webex Teams
  • Unlimited texting to and from any US or Canadian mobile phone

Starting a new SMS conversation

If you receive an SMS message from a mobile phone that you have not exchanged messages with in the past, a new space will be created automatically and the message will be displayed in the space. Spaces are named in the format of SMS Conversation with +[countrycode + phonenumber].

In order to send an SMS message to a mobile phone that you have not exchanged messages with in the past, you need to tell IntelePeer to start a new conversation. You do this by typing startsms +[countrycode + phonenumber] in the IntelePeer space. For example, to start a conversation with (770) 555-1212, you would type startsms +17705551212

Sending and receiving SMS messages with mobile phones

Each SMS conversation (you + your recipient) occurs in its own space – just like when you send a message to a person in Webex Teams. You can have multiple SMS conversations with multiple recipients. Each recipient will have their own space.

You can send and receive general text messages and emoji. MMS messages are not yet supported.

Just type your message and hit ENTER. The message is sent. If there as an issue getting the message to the mobile phone, you’ll receive an error message in the Webex Teams window.

Sending files to mobile phones

You can drag a file into Webex Teams and send it to mobile phones similar to the way you send files to Webex Teams users. Mobile phone recipients will receive a text message with a link to a file:

password: 123456 (File is available for 10 minutes)

Clicking on the link downloads a zip file that can be opened using the provided password.

Please note that in order to safeguard your files and data, the link is only active for 10 minutes after the message is sent from Webex Teams.