Atmosphere® Voice for Microsoft Teams

Award-winning service, all-in-one calling plans, direct routing, dynamic 911, and flexible deployment options.

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Enable Teams Calling

Secure, reliable, and flexible voice communications

Whether you’re migrating from Lync or Skype for Business or already using Teams for messaging and meeting, we have you covered with everything you need to deploy calling capabilities for Microsoft Teams.


Direct routing for Microsoft Teams

Flexibility and control for a seamless migration

Our direct routing lets you connect to the PSTN with our complete solution, or you can bring your own SBC. Migrate to the cloud on your terms, we can support your legacy premise-based solutions alongside your new Teams deployment. Gain more control, scalability, resiliency, and cost efficiency.

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Calling Plans

Choose your deployment option

Direct routing is complex and time-consuming. Let us handle the heavy lifting with our managed provisioning service. If you want to get in on the action, meet us in the middle with a combination of managed and self-service options. Or completely DIY with your own SBC and our calling plans.

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 Exceptional Service

 Enterprise grade quality

We deliver 99.999% uptime and award-winning customer service for the highest levels of support and voice services quality your business deserves.

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Your trusted partner

We bring extensive experience with complex deployments and a history of partnership and enablement for Microsoft UC Solutions since 2007.

Everything you need for a complete Microsoft Teams calling experience

Managed SBC & Provisioning

Save time, money, and resources by letting us manage the provisioning and onboarding process.

Dynamic 911

Ensure compliance and provide peace of mind with emergency call routing and location capabilities.

Secure & reliable

We’ve got your back with TLS/SRTP encryption, 99.999% uptime, and a triple-redundant, highly available network.

Flexible & scalable

Easily grow your services as your business needs change, that’s the beauty of the cloud.

Advanced capabilities

Add on Atmosphere® CPaaS to enhance Microsoft Teams with capabilities for SMS, automated routing and self-service, and on-demand analytics and reporting.