Create omnichannel, communications-enabled workflows.

Atmosphere Communications Platform & CPaaS | IntelePeer®

Enhance customer experiences in seconds

Quickly implement and adjust workflow communication strategies

SmartFlows is a drag and drop workflow builder that comes with templates, quick start tips, and award-winning support to get your solutions up and running quickly.

Atmosphere Communications Platform | IntelePeer®

Automate processes

Provide self-service and take the strain off your agents

Allow customers to solve their own issues and escalate them to the best agent based on their location, the product they use, or a specific issue.

Atmosphere Communication Platform | IntelePeer®

Integrate easily

Enhance your existing infrastructure and introduce new workflow capabilities

Integrate SmartFlows with your CRM, database, billing system, or any system that supports APIs.

SmartFlows features

Natural language processing

  • Allow customers to speak their input with built-in speech recognition 
  • Measure sentiment and tonality of text responses
  • Detect language of a given text to aid in routing or analysis

Speedy solutions

  • Adjust menu audio, transfer numbers, and flow logic as needs change
  • Integration guides quicken integration process
  •  Pre-built templates spark immediate solutions

Built-in integrations

  • Social media integrations (WhatsApp and Facebook)
  • IBM Watson, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud
  • Integration guides for commonly used apps like Slack, Jira, Salesforce, and more

Automated routing

  • Route calls to local agents based on incoming area code
  • Route calls based on time of day and day of the week
  • Route calls based on percentage so no call center gets overloaded

Audio library

  • Upload recordings
  • Manage recordings made during calls
  • Easily manage, download, and edit audio files

Pre-built templates

  • Industry and use case specific templates can kick-start flow building
  • Discover new and innovative ways to use SmartFlows
  • See the most effective and powerful features in action

All for flows and flows for all

Voice for Microsoft Teams

Customer service

Optimize customer interactions across communication channels and provide customer self-service options.


Automate manual processes such as managing equipment and trouble tickets, and sending notifications.


Streamline billing reminders and automate account management.


Build integrated, omni-channel campaigns and automate customer feedback.

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