Atmosphere Insights®

Actionable on-demand visibility into all customer interactions across channels.

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Capture all interactions in one place

Unpack your data to ensure a top notch customer experience

Visual dashboards show the full picture of your communications with on-demand visibility and historical trending.

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Make data-driven decisions

On-demand reports and insights for every department

Slice and dice your data with drill-down and filtering. Set up alerts based on thresholds or anomaly detection to stay on top of your KPIs

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Data APIs

Integrate with other data sources

Want more flexibility with your reporting? Use our APIs to deliver data from our platform to your other existing reporting and business intelligence platforms.

Atmosphere Insights® features

Track customer interactions

  • Location performance
  • Call volume
  • Historical trends

Open APIs

  • Standardized data connectors
  • Integrate existing applications
  • Two-factor authentication

Natural Language Processing

  • Speech recognition
  • Sentiment and tonality analysis
  • Speech-to-text & text-to-speech

Custom data analysis

  • On-demand reporting
  • Visualize data
  • Explore and filter data

Predictive decision making tools

  • Threshold alerts
  • Anomaly detection
  • Self-service options

Give everyone VIP access to data


Customer service

Identify trends in customer issues and ensure they are being resolved to customers’ satisfaction.



View call volume and usage to better manage resources and detect potential issues.



See location and agent sales performance to make better decisions on staffing for upcoming promotions and product launches.



Monitor campaign results and customer feedback to create more effective communications and product messaging.

Reliable communication is the cornerstone of delivering a superior customer experience

We see the Atmosphere® platform as a differentiator for what we can provide to our customers. It has helped us shift from cost-savings to revenue-generating activities.