Easily send and manage omnichannel customer engagement campaigns.

Omni-Channel Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®
Omni-Channel Customer Service Communications & CPaaS | IntelePeer®

ENGAGEMENT Campaigns on the fly

Immediately send outbound campaigns to notify or contact customers and employees as soon as possible

Upload contacts, configure messaging, and choose a communications channel from the same page for a quick deployment.

Customize and control interactions

SMS, voice, email, and social campaign opportunities

Schedule campaigns to segments of customers in the way that they prefer.

Omni-Channel Customer Experience (CX) Communications | IntelePeer®

Use with SmartFlows

Pair SmartEngage with SmartFlows for enhanced campaigns

Provide customers with AI capabilities, chat bots, and self-service.

SmartEngage features

Omnichannel customer engagement campaigns

  • Provide interactive experiences rather than one-off messages
  • Pair with SmartFlows to personalize and customize conversations
  • Conduct surveys and promptly receive feedback


  • Set days and time windows to reach customers when they’re most receptive
  • Configure automatic retries to try again when a call is not answered
  • Input time zones to avoid calling your customers in the middle of the night

List management

  • Upload lists of contacts that can be saved and reused
  • Use contact lists to customize campaigns with customer names or other data

Pop campaigns across the enterprise

Voice for Microsoft Teams

Customer service

Notify employees and customers about new product features or account updates.


Inform employees about maintenance, password changes, and other pressing issues.


Send customers promo codes or thank you messages to build strong relationships.


Remind customers when their bill is ready and alert them when payments are posted.

Connect with customers through their preferred medium

SMS is how we would love to communicate with [a younger] generation and demographic and Engage makes it easy for us to do that.

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