The new Atmosphere Marketplace simplifies your cloud communications

Dec 20, 2021

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While IT budgets are expected to grow in 2022, businesses are continuing to decrease their staffing. In fact, “according to U.S. Labor statistics, as of December 2020, the global talent shortage amounted to 40 million skilled workers worldwide. By 2030, the global talent shortage is expected to reach 85.2 million.”

As a result, IT departments are faced with doing more with less – finding more intuitive technologies, empowering real-time implementation, and scaling services with ease. Development, in particular, is an area that businesses are challenged to find new solutions to meet their changing and immediate needs.

These obstacles, however, have become less of hurdle and building communication applications just became simpler with the introduction of IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Marketplace. Marketplace is a suite of pre-built, plug-and-play applications that help businesses eliminate timely and costly application development processes for common communication needs.

IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Marketplace solutions

With Marketplace, intuitive, interactive templates featuring low-code or even no-code capabilities empower IT departments to stretch their developer resources – freeing them up to solve for more robust, complex problems. Moreover, the need for developers can even be eliminated altogether, and responsibilities can be shared for app creation among non-technical professionals company-wide.

Speeding app time to market is also a critical need for businesses. With the help of Marketplace, users are empowered to deploy no-code Marketplace apps within minutes.

Atmosphere Marketplace currently includes five distinct no-code apps, including:

  • Smart routing: Intelligently route calls using different call-handling models such as percent-based routing, day of the week, and more.
  • Auto-response: Easily configure a message for automatically responding to your customer’s text and phone calls.
  • Smart IVR: Set up an IVR system within minutes. Tailor phone-tree menus and messages with ease.
  • Digital assistant: Engage customers better by providing intelligent call routing based with natural language processing.
  • Post-call survey: Effortlessly build and distribute surveys to capture your customers’ feedback in real-time.

Boosting business productivity with Atmosphere Marketplace

All Marketplace applications are enterprise-grade, featuring high scalability and security. Whether using individually or a combination of solutions, Marketplace apps eliminate the need for businesses to rip and replace. Instead, they can improve current systems by adding automation, artificial intelligence and streamline processes. IT will also see a reduction in the mundane tasks that often bog down the department.

With quick and proven innovation at its core, IntelePeer will release low-code Marketplace applications throughout 2022.

To learn more about IntelePeer’s Atmosphere Marketplace of no-code and low-code applications, visit:

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