Aug 1, 2016

SIP is Calling: The Time Has Come to Replace Your Outdated PRI

SIP is calling. The time has come to replace your outdated PRI.

Of course you want the benefits of the latest communications technology, but you may be thinking, “my PRI works just fine and a new solution will be expensive and too much to take on right now.” However, migrating from your legacy system to SIP may no longer be out of reach. In fact, it might just be the perfect time. The latest technology advancements make it easier and more affordable than ever for businesses to take this game changing step forward.

We at IntelePeer, have recently introduced our Call Path Service which is a simple, easy-to-order SIP Service that includes all the communications capabilities required to activate an on-premise or cloud-based Unified Communications solution. Pricing for this advanced service is in line with traditional ISDN PRI packages, and call paths (or ports) can be ordered in single channel increments, making it affordable, and easy to achieve the benefits and cost savings of moving to SIP.

With the initial pricing issue solved, think about all the other functional and cost benefits you will gain by moving to SIP. First and foremost, there is no more legacy PRI/TDM equipment to maintain, freeing up time and saving future costs. Also, you will have much more flexibility and visibility into the ordering and management of voice services. You can make near real-time changes and add capacity instantly as your requirements change.

After migrating your phone system connectivity from ISDN PRI/TDM technology to the most advanced SIP service, you will enjoy the enhanced functionality with carrier-grade quality, service and reliability, without the hassles of traditional telecom solutions. Seamless connectivity between legacy and next generation solutions means that you can truly get the most out of your UC investment.

Make the move to the future of business communications today and unlock the power and cost benefits of SIP. Nothing is standing in your way.

To read more about how the migration to SIP Trunking is addressing the needs of businesses, check out the Frost & Sullivan executive brief “The Business Value of SIP Trunking: Moving to IP Drives Business Innovation”, sponsored by IntelePeer.

Nils Waack

Nils Waack

Nils is our Corporate Marketing Manager and has been with the company for three years. Nils has a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and grew up in Rochester, NY. Go Bills! When Nils isn’t working, he is usually traveling, snowboarding, at the farmers market, or doing something outside!