Nov 19, 2019

Product Update: Automate call routing with two new actions for Atmosphere® SmartFlows

Want to make sure customers speak to representatives in their same region? Need to make sure one call center doesn’t get overloaded compared to others? Two new actions for Atmosphere® SmartFlows now make it easy-peasy to control your call flows. Route calls based on region, time zone, specific area code, or even specific caller numbers. Control what percentage of calls go to specified locations. It’s dealer’s choice!

The New Regional Routing Action

Regional Routing allows you to route your calls based on specific phone numbers, the region or time zone of the caller, and the area code of the caller. Automate which customers are connected to certain representatives to help save time and create a smoother call-in process. Please note that currently only US location are available; we’ll add on international soon!

The New Percent Routing Action

Percent Routing can be used to split up the flow of incoming calls into two or more directions based on the configured percentages. This way, one of your call centers won’t take the brunt of customer calls. Or if one of your call centers experiences a personnel shortage or office closure, shift the percentage of incoming calls to ensure they’re not overloaded.

Want to learn more about the newest Atmosphere® release? Check out the release notes to see additional updates for Atmosphere® SmartFlows and Engage.

Colleen McCabe

Colleen McCabe

Colleen is the Product Marketing Manager for SmartFlows, Engage, and the CPaaS portal. Originally from New Jersey, Colleen moved to Denver to join the IntelePeer team and explore all the Rockies have to offer. Colleen enjoys camping, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and exploring new pizza places!