More than half of consumers order takeout – here’s how restaurant automation can help

Sep 7, 2022

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The year 2020 was a revolutionary year for restaurants. The explosion of online restaurant automation apps would not have been possible without the unique conditions of the pandemic. In fact, 68% of consumers admit that they are more likely to order takeout now than a few years ago. (QSR Magazine, 2021)

However, a single online ordering app that only allows consumers to order food is limiting. Customers will have to leave the app to post reviews on social media or contact customer service with an issue. Online restaurant automation apps only go so far, as they are primarily transactional.

But by leveraging a communications tool with more features, such as a communications platform as a service (CPaaS) – and implementing a comprehensive customer service strategy – companies can increase revenue, create loyal customers, and ensure satisfaction.

Increase restaurant revenue with automation

It’s no secret that third-party platforms take a considerable slice of the takeout or delivery profit. Yet, when provided access to an online ordering system, many consumers, regardless of demographics and geographical area, would prefer to order directly from restaurants. (QSR Magazine, 2021)

Businesses can upgrade restaurant software via advanced and basic communication automation features, including automated, AI-powered self-service options to increase the volume of calls and messages they can handle, thereby boosting revenue.

Plus, with restaurant automation enabled by CPaaS, eateries can take the strain off busy – and sometimes overworked – employees. Customers can also order through chatbots or virtual agents, allowing restaurant workers to focus on serving in-store patrons.

Plus, with restaurant automation enabled by CPaaS, eateries can take the strain off busy – and sometimes overworked – employees. Customers can also order through chatbots or virtual agents, allowing restaurant workers to focus on serving in-store patrons.

Create loyal customers through campaigns and messaging

Restaurant loyalty programs help retain customers looking to use an online ordering system through various benefits. (Rest Labs) Leading CPaaS providers can equip restaurants with tools that help them easily schedule and send out messages, campaigns, and notifications to restaurant goers via voice, text, social media, etc. This is how straightforward it is to set up an SMS campaign:

Customer experience is central to creating loyal customers. By automatically and exclusively sending outbound campaigns to those people in a loyalty program, they will feel valued and encouraged to frequent physical establishments while continuing to leverage restaurant online ordering systems. Additionally, restaurants can use CPaaS to proactively notify regulars of menu changes and loyalty program updates in real time.

Ensure high levels of patron satisfaction through data

Although data is crucial to creating a personalized communications experience for customers, third-party apps will withhold information from restaurants, preventing them from deeply understanding their customers. Moreover, 43% of restaurant professionals believe third-party apps hinder customers’ relationships, despite the increased sales volume. (Hospitality Tech, 2018)

Communication automation can provide a company with analytics empowering restaurant automation and better customer service. These data-collection features help restaurants determine the specific times and days customers call or order through the app, allowing them to schedule workers accordingly.

Similarly, with intelligent routing solutions, restaurants can direct a caller to the best department or location based on several geographical and time-based factors. Likewise, data permits a restaurant to send tailored messages directly to customers’ preferred channel – like Meta Messenger – for higher satisfaction and response rates.

Equip your restaurant for the modern age with CPaaS

Expand the capabilities of your online ordering and over-the-phone communications with restaurant automation powered by IntelePeer’s platform.

While an online ordering application may be convenient, an all-in-one communications app will benefit your restaurant or chain in the long run. Automated communications, loyalty programs, and data will help your establishment win patrons and improve revenue. Watch our 5 ways to boost revenue with personalized customer experience automation webinar for more ways to boost revenue and improve your customers’ experience.

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