Jun 16, 2016

The Script is in Your Hands

Your Keys to the Kingdom – The Script is in Your Hands

  • A multi-national fitness products company using direct response infomercials and multi-level marketing to sell DVDs world-wide
  • A U.S. government organization handling the communication around a natural disaster affecting thousands
  • A national clothing retailer taking customer orders via hundreds of daily inbound calls
  • A political polling organization chartered with predicting the winner of the upcoming presidential election

What do these organizations have in common? They all require an effective way to deliver a unified message to their customers or constituents.

Call Scripting and Order Entry is the classic solution to this challenge. But historically the scripting and order entry offerings have largely been cumbersome, complex and time consuming. Issue number one has been that all products require some level of technical programming support. Having to rely on the IT team for each new script or change, means lack of full control, longer wait times and higher costs.

However, now there is a solution finally giving customers back the keys to the kingdom. IntelePeer’s newly announced Scripting and Oder Entry module puts the control back into customers’ own hands, so that they don’t need to rely on IT staff or developers to execute on script development or deployment.

For the first time, scripting and order entry solution does not require any coding. This means that customers can easily create and quickly deploy the script they want, rather than waiting for the script that the developer wants them to use. No coding also means more agility. Users can change the script for their agents at any point without delay.

In addition to self-service creation and deployment, users gain further agility with the technology agnostic design. The ability to use Call Scripting and Order Entry with any ACD or call routing system means cost savings and getting the most out of existing investments. Simple integration and fast deployment in the cloud, gives organizations the opportunity to focus on their agents’ results.

Simple customization, flexible management, and no programming finally make scripting and order entry as easy as you always thought it should be.

Nils Waack

Nils Waack

Nils is our Corporate Marketing Manager and has been with the company for three years. Nils has a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and grew up in Rochester, NY. Go Bills! When Nils isn’t working, he is usually traveling, snowboarding, at the farmers market, or doing something outside!