Sep 29, 2016

Looking Up to Today’s Clouds: New Contact Center Strategy

On last week’s webinar with Sheila McGee-Smith on “Time to Revisit Your Contact Center Decision”, she discussed how much cloud contact centers have evolved over the past 4 years. In 2011, there were approximately 400K contact center seats in the cloud. Every year since then we’ve seen a steady 20% increase and expect to exceed two million contact center centers within the next few years.

At the time, customers selected their contact center solution based on two simple questions: what are your customer experience goals and what systems do you need to tie into. Fast forward four years and you’ll agree that so much has changed. There are now many more advanced features, pricing options and capabilities that need to be taken into consideration. With so much transformed in today’s contact center market, is it time to ask yourself some new questions and rethink your contact center decision?

Whether you need to replace an aging, premise-based system and are still not sure about the benefits of cloud, or have moved to a cloud contact center and are ready to look at what else the market may have to offer, now is the time to assess your organizations’ readiness for change. Here are six questions to ask yourself to determine if your company and your existing solution is ready for a new contact center strategy:

  • Does the technology need to keep pace with changing customer behavior?
  • Do I provide my customers with multiple interaction channels?
  • Do I need to manage the customer experience across multiple locations?
  • How important is managing campaigns and agent productivity?
  • How much reporting and real-time visibility do I want?
  • Do I need to integrate with a CRM?

To discuss your current cloud contact center strategy, and how IntelePeer can help customize a solution for you, contact us today.