Feb 26, 2021

Looking for a Cloud Communications Provider? Here’s How to Choose the Right One to Fit Your Needs

There’s no question about it, things are different now. In just the past year we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the workplace. Millions were sent to work from home practically overnight, which caused the spotlight to shine directly on enterprise communications. With this “new normal,” most enterprise IT leaders are still focused on adapting business communications to meet the changing environment, whether that is augmenting existing phone systems or looking to migrate to a unified communications solution. Navigating how to overcome these challenges can be puzzling, and you need the right provider to help you put together all the pieces. 

Here are some things to consider:

  • Does the provider have the range of solutions that can deliver flexibility to address your needs now and in the future?  
  • Does the provider guarantee reliable service? What is their customer support experience like?
  • How easy is it to manage your service? Can you control your communications when you need to?

Great news, we have a way to make your vendor shortlist even shorter. IntelePeer provides all of this and more! 

Here are the benefits that IntelePeer customers get from our cloud-based phone service:


Communications shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all. With IntelePeer, you’ll get the flexibility to choose between premise, cloud, or hybrid deployments and move between options as your business needs change over time. Want to implement UCaaS? We have you covered with voice enablement through our partnerships with leading solutions such as Cisco Webex and Microsoft Teams. Not ready for that leap yet? Atmosphere® Voice also works wonders on-prem. 


Scalability is also near the top of the list when choosing the right partner, and with so many recent technology updates and societal changes, you’ll need a solution that can keep up with demand. We make it easy to manage your service on your time and control capacity to meet volume spikes. That’s the beauty of the cloud, easily scale to your exact requirements. 

Reliability & Security

Reliability and security are the make-or-break when it comes to selecting a communications provider. Enjoy peace of mind with IntelePeer’s resilient and secure network that delivers high-quality voice services with 99.999% uptime. Our TLS/SRTP encryption and support for VPN and Direct Connect let you close the lock and throw away the key, your data is protected! Our triple-redundant and geographically diverse design, and ability to control call routing and failover ensures uninterrupted communications, no matter what comes your way. 

Exceptional Service 

Not to brag but not only do we offer industry-leading voice service, our customer support is top notch as well (seriously, we have the awards to prove it!) We don’t just take tickets down and “get back to you later,” you’ll receive personalized and speedy support from our expert engineers. 

Trusted Partner for Your Cloud Communications Journey

Now that we have established that we check the boxes, we would like to add the icing on the cake. You need a partner who has the ability to provide the solution you need that is right for your business now, while providing a path to continue on your cloud communications journey. We have that expertise doing just that for thousands of customers just like you.  Start (or continue) where you want to with us, and once you’re ready for the next step, you’ll be in good shape to accelerate your communications strategy with our advanced capabilities, such as additional channels, automated routing and self-service, conversational AI, analytics, and more. 

The sky is the limit! Let’s get there together. 

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Dustin Gordon

Dustin Gordon

Dustin Gordon is a Product Marketing Manager at IntelePeer. Dustin studied political and behavioral science at Middle Tennessee State University and Metropolitan State University and has found a home in Denver and marketing. He is a proud dog dad, a former semi-pro rugby player, a music connoisseur, and Vermont native.