Apr 7, 2020

Automation supports Human Resource teams in time of crisis

Human Resource teams are faced with unprecedented challenges navigating the Coronavirus pandemic. HR teams across countless industries now need a communication plan that enables a safe and informed workforce, but that is easier said than done on top of managing a typical workload with limited time and strained resources. There is a solution: adding RPA automation and outbound communication through multiple channels with Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) ensures employees are in the know and maintains a good employee experience. CPaaS allows companies to optimize processes and reduce costs with the ability to create automated workflows and create tailored communication and engagement flows for employees on a channel of their choice. Human Resource teams may see a daunting challenge ahead, but here are some ways that you can use RPA automation and omni-channel capabilities to provide clear and consistent communications, and keep employees engaged and productive.  

Stay connected with notifications

With the evolving situation, it’s critical that you reach all of your employees as soon as possible. While email has been the tried and true method, you can cut through the clutter with SMS, which boasts a 98% open rate. Keep your employees informed of any new COVID-19 resources or changes in workplace procedures. Boost morale and maintain your company culture even when everyone is remote by sending a motivational note or hosting a virtual happy hour.

Every employee is different and may prefer different ways of communicating, so using multiple channels such as phone calls, texts, or even social messages can help make sure your message gets across and improve employee engagement. Even better, you can save time by automating notifications, and integrate with your HR management system for more customization.

Boost operational continuity with automation

Given the precarious situation we’re currently faced with, it’s understandable that employees have questions now more than ever around what the latest office policy may be, or how to take time off due to an illness or caring for loved ones.

Ease the strain with RPA automation. Use chatbots and other self-service options to take care of basic questions like FAQs on business hours or healthcare benefits, freeing up your team for more complex issues and other parts of your job like hiring
and onboarding. Automate workflows for checking schedules, vacation time balances, requesting time off, and more. 

With so many applicable use cases it’s easy to see why automation can greatly improve the productivity of HR departments like yours, especially in times of crisis.

Enhance the Human Resources department with Atmosphere CPaaS  

Atmosphere CPaaS empowers HR teams to quickly manage, schedule and execute voice and SMS campaigns. Atmosphere CPaaS can help you build the best communication and engagement strategy that fits your needs. Set up a campaign with Atmosphere Engage to share the latest, most accurate information in just a few minutes. Use in combination with Atmosphere SmartFlows for automated notifications. You can also use Atmosphere SmartFlows to create chatbots and automated workflows.

This may sound complex, but our products were built with the non-technical user in mind. We have a drag-and-drop visual designer and pre-built workflow templates to help you get up and running quickly, including one specifically built for HR teams. Our in-house Managed Services team of experts is also here to help you build and deploy solutions.

Dustin Gordon

Dustin Gordon is a Product Marketing Manager at IntelePeer. Dustin studied political and behavioral science at Middle Tennessee State University and Metropolitan State University and has found a home in Denver and marketing. He is a proud dog dad, a former semi-pro rugby player, a music connoisseur, and Vermont native.