Feb 14, 2019

Automated Experiences: The Key to Your Customers’ Hearts

It’s hard to make someone fall in love with you – especially if you’ve never met them. Getting your customers to feel smitten with your brand’s service and communications strategy can be harder than eating only one piece of chocolate from the box. Well, at least it used to be.

Campaigns sent at the right place and time or initiating easy
interactions can spark more excitement than a flying baby in a diaper with a
bow and arrow. Enter the Cupid of customer communications: automated
communications-enabled workflows. Take the heavy-lifting off your internal
teams and allow them to focus on creating more charming customer interactions.

So how can automated workflows help you woo your customers?

Let them know they’re
on your mind

Your customers are sure to love you if you make their lives easier. People get busy and may forget about appointments or payments. Sending out reminders or providing self-service options shows them how much you truly care. Since 90% of texts are opened within the first 3 minutes, your customers will be thinking of you when they get an automated SMS reminder to confirm appointments and meetings. Giving your customers the ability to check their balance and pay bills through SMS will keep the conversation moving. You can even ask for feedback with surveys that are sent automatically after an interaction, so you’ll always know where you stand.

Give them
unconditional support

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, customers do NOT want to talk to you on the phone unless they have a serious issue. Listening to a menu of options, explaining the problem to multiple representatives, and spending time waiting on hold will surely put a damper on your customer’s day. Implementing self-service capabilities into your existing business applications can help customers troubleshoot themselves before having to call in. You could set up a chat bot on your website to allow customers to solve simple issues on their own without picking up the phone. Adding in AI to detect when a chat text or automated phone call needs to transfer to a live agent will make your customers feel the love when they need it most. This leaves them with more time in their day and your company with more open phone lines to address more pressing matters.

Be the complete package

It’s harder than it looks, but you need to be cool to attract new customers. And while customers are paying for your specific product or service, what they’re really judging is the overall experience. Consumers are consistently expecting an improved customer experience based on new technology. 56% say that they actively look to purchase from the most innovative companies in their respective industries. By automating time-intensive tasks, your customers see you as an original and forward-thinking company and may end up making a long-term commitment.

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Colleen McCabe

Colleen McCabe

Colleen is the Product Marketing Manager for SmartFlows, Engage, and the CPaaS portal. Originally from New Jersey, Colleen moved to Denver to join the IntelePeer team and explore all the Rockies have to offer. Colleen enjoys camping, hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and exploring new pizza places!