May 30, 2019

Atmosphere® SmartFlows and Engage Updates – Customize your Experience with Google AI (and so much more)

We’re super excited to introduce new features to Atmosphere® SmartFlows and Engage that will knock your socks off! This release is focused on improving the user experience and creating more opportunities for customization. There’s a new integration with Google AI, improved connectivity throughout the Atmosphere® platform, additional language transcriptions options, multiple bug fixes, and much more. Buckle your seat belts.

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Natural Language
Google Cloud Speech-to-Text and Natural Language APIs are now available for use through Atmosphere® SmartFlows. Jumping alongside our integration with IBM’s Watson, Google’s AI capabilities allow you to convert speech into text which can be translated, analyzed for sentiment, and more! Additionally, the introduction of Google AI gives you more options for the text-to-speech capabilities of Atmosphere® SmartFlows. With more options comes more customization, allowing users to build flows catered specifically for their customers and employees.

Campaign Trigger
The new Campaign trigger, similar to the Inbound API trigger, allows you to utilize external systems within your flow. Built specifically to be used with Atmosphere® Engage, the Campaign provides improved synergy between Atmosphere® SmartFlows, Atmosphere® Engage, and Atmosphere® Insights. Users will be able to track campaigns more easily and access more in-depth campaign data. Yay!

New Speech Recognition Language Options
New languages have been added to the configuration options of the Speech Recognition action. Now Spanish, German, French, and Portuguese can be transcribed, in addition to English, making it simpler to cater your flow based on the end-user’s language.

Check out the full release notes for Atmosphere® SmartFlows and Engage to learn more about our full list of newly released features, like assigning times zones to flows and campaigns, the new Counteraction, and more.

Nils Waack

Nils Waack

Nils is our Corporate Marketing Manager and has been with the company for three years. Nils has a BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and grew up in Rochester, NY. Go Bills! When Nils isn’t working, he is usually traveling, snowboarding, at the farmers market, or doing something outside!