Artificial Intelligence has found a home in Hospitality

Sep 12, 2019

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When you think Artificial Intelligence, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s a robot from a popular movie (Terminator, anyone?). Or maybe you think more high tech, such as machine learning restricted to specialized industries. Did you know AI is quickly becoming the unsung hero in unexpected industries? Such as in the hospitality industry – you may not know that AI is quietly working away to perform a wide range of tasks, from basic customer service initiatives to innovative problem-solving.

Quick housekeeping tip: AI
can be described as a technology that performs tasks previously dependent on
only human intelligence, such as decision-making or speech recognition. With so
many advancements in AI, hotels and resorts can now easily streamline
processes, uncover valuable data insights, and optimize customer experiences.

Keep reading to discover how AI is cozying up to the hospitality

Provide information more quickly with chatbots

Customer service has always been a cornerstone of the travel industry and with rising expectations around hotel experiences, it’s a race to find new ways to keep your guests happy. Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you hire a robot to handle the valet or to carry bags, but AI can play a major role in refining your customer experiences at every touchpoint. For example, AI-powered virtual assistants or chatbots can help with answering FAQs or providing relevant information which shortens the response time or eliminates the need for human assistance altogether. Save valuable time so your staff can focus on higher-level priorities pertaining to the guest experience rather than answering basic queries like “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” or “Where is the pool?”

Many hospitality providers are adopting messaging support with

AI-based chatbots to proactively provide updates to travelers on popular social
channels like Facebook and WhatsApp. Add mobile booking options and automate
notifications to let guests know when their room is ready and speed up the
check-in and check-out process.

AI enables hotels and resorts to easily enhance guest satisfaction by giving them that warm fuzzy feeling before they ever step foot on the property.

Mine data to better understand customers and improve processes

AI has been disrupting a number of industries over the past
decade, but now hotel administrators are getting in on the action and paying
close attention to the potential benefits. In fact, 89% of hoteliers agree that
AI significantly reduces operating costs and minimizes human error. With AI,
you can collect information about guests and gain valuable insights from the enormous
amount of data that guests create throughout their customer lifetime. From
search and booking to checking-in and out, and even contact center
interactions, collecting and using advanced analytics can provide the ability
to automate processes and gain better decision-making power. By having
real-time access to these statistics, hotels can gain a significant competitive
edge while providing unmatched guest experiences.

AI technology is becoming so pervasive and meaningful that the
hospitality sector can’t afford to ignore its capabilities. For example, you might
use data to predict lulls in reservations and offer special rates to mitigate
the revenue impact, or view call volume and usage to better manage contact
center resources. Hotel kitchens and bars could also gather data on the food
that guests order so they can better identify what to keep on the menu and what
to scrap. Think about using data to better predict who would be interested in
booking your rooms, then target your advertising toward them. While high-level
decision making will always maintain a level of collaboration, letting data
guide important decisions is a smarter, more risk-tolerant way to go.
Hospitality corporations that fail to embrace analytics-driven decision making
will likely lose market share, guests, and profits to more forward-thinking and
data-obsessed competitors.

Achieve results with Atmosphere Insights

Successfully operating a hotel has no shortage of challenges, but
those that incorporate advanced analytics can gain a better understanding of
how they can best meet and exceed customer expectations. I’m sure hotel
operators are ready to save huge amounts of money and eliminate human error,
but how? It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Atmosphere

Atmosphere Insights was built to help you understand the value of
data by tracking all interactions across the enterprise. Atmosphere Insights
delivers analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to uncover
trends and anomalies in your data. From top to bottom AI is making the
hospitality sector more profitable, enjoyable, and efficient. Once you add
Atmosphere Insights to your customer experience strategy, you’ll be able to
relax knowing you’re creating exceptional guest experiences all while saving
time and money.

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Dustin Gordon

Dustin Gordon is a Product Marketing Manager at IntelePeer. Dustin studied political and behavioral science at Middle Tennessee State University and Metropolitan State University and has found a home in Denver and marketing. He is a proud dog dad, a former semi-pro rugby player, a music connoisseur, and Vermont native.

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